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COOSSA Activities Currently In Process 2019 | Beaches and Bluffs

  • COOSSA Member Beach and Bluff Advocacy Plan & Legal Representation
  • Army Corp of Engineer’s 50 year “Armor With Sand” plan
  • City of Solana Beach (COSB) Land Use Plan (LUP) approved by the CCC
  • COSB Local Implementation Plan (LIP) assessment
  • Best-HOA-Practices information sharing forums
  • Neighborhood development assessment and advocacy
  • Del Mar Resort development plan assessment
  • Life Guard Station remodel assessment
  • South Sierra Avenue Affordable Housing Project proposal assessment
  • Improved cell service coverage for COOSSA member HOAs

COOSSA Activities 2015 to 2018

  • COOSSA member Survey Monkey Reports
  • Short term renters
  • Pet policy
  • Smoking policies
  • Security issues
  • COOSSA HOA Contractors & Service Providers inventoried
  • Best-HOA-Practices Show and Tell
  • HOA Security by Surfsong
  • Landscaping by Seascape
  • Short Term Renter Management by Del Mar Beach Club
  • Drought Regulation Management
  • Water Conservation: COOSSA HOA Best Practices inventoried
  • Reclaimed water supply in South Sierra Ave. (failed advocacy)
  • Use of erodible concrete advocacy at the California Coastal Commission (CCC)
  • Solana101 Development Project advocacy. The project was approved
  • Conversion to the COSB Solana Energy Alliance (SEA)
  • COSB Election District advocacy
  • COSB & CCC Recreation Loss Mitigation Fee advocacy

COOSSA Accomplishments 1988 to 2015

  • Beach and Bluff advocacy
  • Organized COOSSA HOA funding of beach and bluff legal advocacy
  • COSB Local Coastal Plan (LCP) & Land Use Plan (LUP) hearings
  • ACOE “get sand” project approval hearings
  • COSB Affordable Housing (500 S. Sierra Ave.) Plan assessment
  • South Sierra Avenue Traffic Calming
  • Speed limit signage
  • Sierra Avenue walkway crossing signage
  • Permanent “Your Speed Is” meters (funded by COOSSA)
  • Improved “This Way to Beach” and “Beach Parking” visitor signage
  • South Sierra Avenue weekly street sweeping initiated
  • Defined three pedestrian cross walks on South Sierra Avenue
  • Installation of Pooper Scooper Stations on South Sierra Avenue
  • Linda Mar and South Sierra Ave redevelopment advocacy
  • Continuous sidewalk on the west side of South Sierra Avenue advocacy