COOSSA Mission Statement

The Condominium Organizations of South Sierra Avenue (COOSSA) will provide timely communications, information and advocacy to benefit our member HOAs with:

  • Protection of condominium owner property and property rights with effective beach, bluff, sea wall and sand retention management plans at reasonable costs and permitting requirements
  • Effective relationships with the City of Solana Beach and other community organizations
  • Improved resident personal safety and property protection
  • Implemented neighborhood enhancements
  • Growth in COOSSA owner property values
  • Appropriate neighborhood property development
  • Shared HOA best-management-practices and process improvements

Vision Statement

COOSSA is a communication, information and advocacy resource for member Home Owner Associations (HOAs) on South Sierra Avenue in Solana Beach, CA. COOSSA will promote the protection of our beaches and bluffs, our property rights, improved safety and security, growth in property values, and an enhanced quality of life in our neighborhood.

COOSSA Objectives


  • Beach and Bluff Advocacy Plan Implementation: Implement the COOSSA Beach and Bluff Advocacy Plan and the HOA funding of the Advocacy Trust Fund
  • Local Coastal Plan (LCP): Facilitate the City of Solana Beach (COSB) implementation of a COSB and COOSSA serving Local Coastal Plan (LCP), Land Use Plan (LUP) and Local Implementation Plan (LIP) that optimizes condominium owner bluff top property protection and property at reasonable costs and mitigation fees
  • Local Implementation Plan 2019: Advocate for member serving provisions in the COSB draft LIP to be released and publicly considered in 2019
  • Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) Armor With Sand Plan: Proactively support the State and Federal approved, but not yet Federally funded, Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) “armor with sand” plan
  • South Sierra Avenue Safety and Security: Partner with the City of Solana Beach and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to define and implement a plan for that improves resident personal safety and HOA property protection
  • Neighborhood Enhancement: Partner with the City of Solana Beach to define and implement a plan that calms the traffic and enhances our neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Development: Advocate for COOSSA Member serving community property development initiatives in our South Sierra Avenue neighborhood
  • HOA Best Practices: Provide a COOSSA HOA community forum for HOA needs surveys and HOA best-practices sharing to:
    • Improve HOA resident services
    • Reduce costs of resident services
    • Increase HOA owner property values


Item of InterestBenefits
Revitalize and Refresh COOSSAServe member HOAs with improved owner serving information, communications, resources, advocacy
Local Coastal Plan (LCP)Monitor, facilitate efforts by City of Solana Beach (COSB) for Local Coastal Plan (and enabling City Ordinances) that maximizes on condominium owner bluff top property protection and minimizes owner costs and mitigation fees
Local Coastal Plan Recreation Loss Mitigation FeePromote 2017 proposed version COSB lower cost mitigation Recreation Loss Mitigation Fee vs. more costly California Coastal Commission proposed Recreation Loss Mitigation Fee version
Get/Retain Beach SandProactively support the Federally approved and funded Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) beach nourishment plan, the underwater groin at Fletcher Cove and all other “get-and-retain-sand” initiatives that maximize on the placement and retention of sand on our beaches
South Sierra Avenue Safety and SecurityPartner with the COSB and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to define and implement a plan for South Sierra Avenue that promotes beautification, calms the traffic, and optimizes COOSSA resident safety and property protection
Community DevelopmentMonitor, promote and advocate for COOSSA member serving community property development initiatives adjacent to South Sierra Avenue
HOA Best PracticesProvide community forum for surveys, benchmarking, and HOA best practices to improve condominium owner services, in a effort to help increase HOA property values and facilitate overall COOSSA member and resident satisfaction
Beach and Bluff Advocacy OrganizationsFoster cooperative relationships with local beach and bluff owner advocacy organizations to include the Beach and Bluff Conservancy (BBC) in Solana Beach, the Stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) in Del Mar and the Seacoast Preservation Association in Encinitas.
HOA AdvocacyIn partnership with the Community Association Institute (CAI)


COOSSA “Factoids”

  • General Demographics
    • 9 Member HOAs
    • 858 living units
    • Approximately 60 acres
    • Over 1,300 individual owners
    • Over 1,600 residents at high season
    • 539 registered voters
    • 160 short term rental units
    • 75 long term rentals


    Real Estate Valuation, Taxes and Fees

    • Property market value exceeds $750,000,000.00
    • Annual property taxes paid exceed $5,000,000.00
    • Annual TOT paid to the City of Solana Beach exceeds $400,000.00
    • Sea Wall mitigation fees paid to-date exceed $400,000.00
    • Seawall 20-year permit renewal mitigation fees exceed $1,600,000.00


    HOA Business Summary

    • COOSSA member Annual Operating Budgets = $4,000,000.00
    • COOSSA member Reserve Funds = $3,000,000.00
    • Annual Reserve Funding = $1,300,000.00
    • 50+ FTE employees and contractors
    • Collective Annual Service Provider Costs:
    • Maintenance & Janitorial Services = $950,000.00
    • Landscape Services = $600,000.00
    • Insurance Premiums = $400,000.00
    • Property Management = $400,000.00
    • Cox Cable = $375,000.00
    • Santa Fe Irrigation District Water = $300,000.00
    • SDG&E (SEA) Electricity & Gas = $375,000.00
    • EDCO Trash Service = $125,000.00


    Property Details

    • 40-50 COOSSA HOA properties sold annually
    • 40-50 units remodeled and upgraded annually
    • 4,800 ft. of ocean front shoreline
    • 1,293 lineal ft. of seawall
    • 486 lineal ft. of notch infill
    • 3 HOA private stairs to the beach
    • 1 HOA maintained public view park
    • 15+ elevators
    • 10+ tennis courts
    • 12+ pools and hot tubs

COOSSA Member Data & Map

  • Las Brisas

    36 Units

  • Surfsong

    72 Units

  • Seascape Shores

    51 Units

  • SB & Tennis Club

    152 Units

  • Seascape Sur

    188 Units

  • Seascape

    50 Units

  • Seascape Chateau

    30 Units

  • Del Mar Shores Terrace

    87 Units

  • Del Mar Beach Club

    192 Units